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2016 BROADMORE FLEETWOOD Very nice 2bdrm,1bath; 16'by56'; wood siding; nice upgrades. You move. Asking $47,500. Call 207-6531. 2016 Broadmore Fleetwood
ASSETZ SOUL AND SOIL BANGAL Set amidst the lush frondescence is an ornate residential apartment named Assetz Soul And Soil by the illustrious builders, the Assetz Group. The residential apartment is situated in Hennur, northern part of Bangalore. This place is renowned for its distinctive lifestyle that revolves around living in harmony with nature. The project is sprawled across many acres of land and offers 1BHK and 2BHK capacious row house. The development caters 384 row house in total in towers of G+13 floors. The project location promises accessibility to most important locations in Bangalore. Visit:[more] Assetz Soul and Soil Bangal
Cluster. Stunning custom-built 3 bed, 3.5 bath with 3 car garage. $950,000. Shannon Hilliard, Ink Realty Group. 239-8350
lot in Sleeman Creek, Lolo. $129,900. BHHS Montana Properties. For more info call Mindy Palmer @ 239-6696, or visit
1845 SOUTH 9TH
West. Updated triplex with 4 bed, 2 bath upper unit and two 1 bed apartments in basement. $470,000. Shannon Hilliard, Ink Realty Group. 239-8350
2 BDR, 3
Bath, Wye area home on a 0.6 acre lot. $265,000. BHHSMT Properties. For more info call Mindy Palmer @ 239-6696, or visit
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