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RIVER SPORTS RENTAL SHOP Local specialty outdoor gear store is looking for rental shop employees for the spring and summer 2017. You will be responsible loading rafts, kayaks, canoes, paddleboards on or in customers cars, as well as cleaning and inspecting gear when it is returned. Employees will also be responsible for taking reservations, as well understanding and explaining rental inventory to customers. This job requires a positive attitude and ability to work with customers with a broad spectrum of outdoor experience. Patience and a positive attitude are imperative. During the heat of summer this job can be hectic, hot, and sweaty. Preferred to start working 1-3 nights a week and weekends beginning in Mid-late April for training. The full season will begin in Mid May. Schedule will vary but initially be Friday-Monday. 25-35 hours per week throughout the summer. Pay DOE. Send resume with at least two references and a brief cover letter to

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